Internal Division on Cyber Security Bill

LIEBERMAN, COLLINS SPLIT ON CYBER EXEC ORDER – The architects of the Senate’s lagging cybersecurity bill don’t exactly see eye to eye on whether the administration should implement reform by fiat. Sen. Joe Lieberman told your MTer he still hopes Congress can finalize a law this year, but he added: “[If] Congress cannot get its act together to protect our nation from the real, urgent and growing threat of cyber attack, then the president must do everything he can by executive order.” That said, the HSGAC chief acknowledged there’s just “some things” an executive order can’t accomplish (potentially including liability protection) that instead “can only be done by statute.” Yet Lieberman’s close ally, Sen. Susan Collins, isn’t so fond of the idea. “Given the threat, I understand the administration’s desire to act, but an executive order should not be a substitute for legislative action,” she said in a statement. “I am deeply disappointed that the Senate failed to pass our bipartisan bill before the August recess, but it remains imperative that this Congress address this issue. An executive order could send the unintended signal that congressional action is not urgently needed.” – and more cyber news in just a moment.

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