Gerry Patrick Hemming On CIA, Cuba, Cons

Gerry Patrick Hemming On CIA, Cuba, Conspiracies and JFK Assassination From: by Christoph Messner and Dick Russell Gerry Patrick Hemming would die in 2008, probably one of the few individuals he knew that survived the 50’s and 60’s series of rather serious use and abuse of Cuba, The Dominican Republic and the surrounding region for Americans “Playground of The Rich and Corporate Interests.” What did Mr. Hemming find out in his years of service and skullduggery for America (and elsewhere?)… The truth. Christoph Messner : I would say Gerry P. Hemming is the most telling man about the JFK assassination. Here another most enlightening interview from As a guest, you are not allowed to view links. Register or Login An EX-CIA Man’s Stunning Revelations On “The Company,” JFK’s Murder, And The Plot To Kill Richard Nixon Argosy Interview: Gerry Hemming By Dick Russell Gerry Patrick Hemming has come in from the cold. Last year, this former Mercenary and CIA contract agent (note a Miami private investigator) came to Senate investigators with perhaps the most remarkable revelations ever offered about the CIA’s hits, plots and plans. Note, in an exclusive ARRGOSY interview, he has agreed to elaborate: • The assassination of John. F. Kennedy was discussed and planned–with cash on the line-by a number of organised groups in 1963. As many as two dozen offers were made to Hemming’s polite mercenary army of anti-Castro Cuban exiles, the International Penetration Force (Interpen). • A group of anti-Castro Cubans in Florida, which worked in close harmony with the CIA, made plans in 1970 to fire a missile at Richard Nixon’s Key Biscayne presidential compound and make it appear to he an attack made by Castro. • There were plans conceived in high government’ circles to foment terror of the 1972 Miami conventions by placing automatic weapons in the hands of extremist left-wing and right-tying groups. Frank Sturgis, of the White House Plumbers unit, apparently played a role in the attempt to obtain the weapons. • A team of anti-Castro Cuban exile naval commandos, used in many CIA operations, fired upon and severely damaged a Spanish ship in 1964 when they mistook it for the Castro vessel that the CIA had assigned them to sink. • During the A 60s, Howard Hughes’ organization kept on financial retainer a Cuban exile organization which attempted to early out the assassination of Fidel Castro. A Hughes-leased Bahamian island was also used as air anti-Castro base of operations. Hemming, a sir-foot-six ex-Marine and Green Beret who knew personally Lee Harvey Oswald, Fidel Castro, Frank Sturgis and Che Guevara, has also identified several of the “hit men” code-named in the Senate’s report on CIA-attempted assassinations of foreign leaders; discussed the maverick operation of Florida CIA contract employees informing proprietary companies to launder money for Latin American, assassinations anal analyzed the Mob’s attempt to infiltrate the White House during the Kennedy years. The odyssey of Gerry Hemming began in the mountains of Cuba where, like man of other adventurers in the days before Castro turned to the Communists, he came to aid Fidel’s revels in their efforts to overthrow the corrupt Fulgencio Batista. Eventually, he was assigned, by Castro to work as all officer-instuctor of a parachute regiment, later as adjutant at a Cuban air base. By this time he was really working against Castro for American intelligence. In the fall of 1960, discovered by Fidel and facing possible execution, he escaped. After contacting the CIA to tell them all he knew about Castor’s operations, Hemming settled in Florida. There he started Interpen, a specialized group that trained embittered Cuban exiles in special Florida camps for long-range penetration and guerrilla warfare against Castro’s regime. He maintained a cadre of twenty-five instructors. And he began a long friendly-adversary relationship with the CIA, the Mob,…

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