The Hard Road To 270: Mitt Romney’s Dif

The Hard Road To 270: Mitt Romney’s Difficult Path President Obama and Democrats have scaled back resources in states where Mitt Romney and his backers aren’t advertising, “suggesting both sides have settled on the same nine states, which have a combined 110 electoral votes,” Bloomberg reports. “In this environment, Obama could secure re-election just by winning Florida and one of the remaining eight battleground states. That’s because the president is favored to win the 207 electoral votes from states that he carried four years ago by at least 15 percentage points. Michigan is among those. He also has the edge in Minnesota, which has 10 votes, and Pennsylvania, which has 20. That would bring Obama to 237 electoral votes.” “Romney’s path is more difficult. His smaller base of 191 electoral votes includes states that the president lost in 2008 plus Indiana, where polls show Romney is favored to defeat Obama four years after the president carried the state by 1 percentage point. Republicans need to win 72 percent of the electoral votes in the nine targeted states, which would require victories in five to eight of them. Florida and Ohio are the biggest prizes; it’s been 88 years since a Republican was elected president without winning Florida, and no Republican has ever won without Ohio.”

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