Betrayal, A New Book Cover Conspiracies, Cocaine, Cover Ups, Environmental Damage

BETRAYAL includes the story of the death and suspected murder of Marine Colonel James E. Sabow whose death has been tied to use of El Toro assets during the 1980s and 1990s to import South American cocaine into the U.S and to export guns to the Contra Rebel faction of Nicaragua. Colonel Sabow was found dead in his quarters by his wife on January 22, 1991. The circumstances surrounding his death and the forensic evidence from the crime scene support murder by a government assassination team and cover-up, including a ‘doctored autopsy photograph ‘submitted in an NCIS report to Congress. His family has waged a 21-year war to correct the record. The motive of the murder was to prevent Colonel Sabow from ‘blowing the whistle’ on the use of CIA proprietary airlines to transport weapons from El Toro to Central and South America and cocaine into the U.S. The Defense Department denies murder, the use of the base for covert operations and the illegal transit of cocaine into the U.S. The forensic evidence supports homicide and a government cover-up that goes well beyond the confines of El Toro. One witness is Robert Tosh Plumlee, a long time CIA contract pilot, who provided testimony to the Defense Department Inspector General on flights of CIA unmarked C-130s into El Toro. Plumlee flew many of these flights into El Toro with huge quantities of cocaine. When Plumlee’s realized that the covert operation to supply weapons to the Nicaraguan Contras included the shipment of cocaine flights into the U.S., he left the program. Shot out while driving his truck, his house burned to the ground and beaten by thugs to keep his mouth shut, he went on T.V. and radio shows to tell his story. Not surprisingly, the DOD Inspector General dismissed Plumlee’s testimony on the basis that there was no corroborating support from interviews of Pentagon officials. This is something like asking a teenager who is about to go out on a‘hot date,’ if he finished his homework. You just know the answer. Deniability goes hand in glove with any covert operation. A criminologist in 2011 found a ‘doctored autopsy’ in a Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) report to Congress on the death of Colonel Sabow. Bryan Burnett, the San Diego scientist, compared the head photo in the NCIS report to blow up of a full body autopsy photo. The head photo in the NCIS report was not Colonel Sabow’s head, according to Burnett. The full body autopsy photo shows a tramline bruise, a tell tale sign of a violent blow to the head with a lead pipe, baseball bat or similar blunt object. The NCIS report does not show any tramline, a dead give-away of homicide. The death occurred in government quarters on a military base. Yet, the autopsy was done by a civilian pathologist under contract to the Orange County Sheriff/Coroner. The death certificate was signed by the Orange County Sheriff/Corner the day after the autopsy was completed. Open and shut case , some might say. Hardly. No suicide note, no fingerprints on the shotgun, very little blood from the head wound on the patio, a Marine Colonel with 221 combat mission over Vietnam and ever reason in the world to live with a beautiful wife, two children, and looking forward to a career as a civilian airline pilot. Source: Veterans News Today

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