Piers Morgan Unphased by Petition Callin

Piers Morgan Unphased by Petition Calling For His Deportation http://bit.ly/UtQ2Vf If Piers Morgan is losing sleep over the tens of thousands of people calling for him to be deported from the United States, it’s not showing. In fact, the CNN host appears to be positively reveling in the attention he’s getting for his impassioned stance on gun control. So far, over 90,000 people have signed the White House petition demanding his ejection from the country. In a tweet on Friday, Morgan took the broader view: https://twitter.com/piersmorgan/status/284763288963784704 Still, American anti-Morganites can find solace in the fact that, at the moment, their enemy has — in the words of Mitt Romney — self-deported to England for a vacation. That will, of course, sadden the British wing of the anti-Morganites, who have their own petition demanding that he be kept in the United States, which creates the possibility that Morgan will be left floating somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as both countries strive to have the other one take him, but we digress. As Morgan informed an irate tweeter: https://twitter.com/piersmorgan/status/284692347273482240 We, Americas, all LOVE Piers Morgan, just like Jesse Ventura does… I know Piers really does “love the American people”, as does Bill Clinton.

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